Lectures/demonstrations, classes, and workshops  

Joan Blade Johnson, Fiber Artist

If you are interested in booking an event, please send an email using the "contact" page.

I have a variety of unique programs available for presentation at quilt guilds, art guilds,farmers' markets, nature preserves, and the like.  Available presentations include:

Flower Pounding workshop or lecture/demonstration - Flower Pounding is an old art form practiced by many cultures.  It is a kind of natural dyeing with plant materials.  The technique yields a watercolor-like result and can be done successfully on watercolor paper or fabric. 

Natural Dyeing lecture/demonstration -If you love the "thrill of the unexpected and unpredictible" you will love making your own dye from foraged plant materials. This class is offered in the summer only

Heliographic Printing lecture/demonstration-Heliographic printing uses special paint, leaves and flowers and the magic of the sun to create beautiful patterns on fabric. This class is offered in the summer only


Lecture/Trunk Show Description

Contemporary Fiber Art Sprouting from Traditional Roots

1-hour slideshow and trunk show

In this 1 hour digital slide and trunk show we will talk about our journey from traditional quilters to art quilters.  We will talk about how we found our inner artists, what inspires us and the fun and benefits of working together. 



Fiber Art Classes and Workshops


Binding, Finishing and Mounting Art Quilts   3 or 6 hr class

Tired of people thinking your small art quilts are potholders? Come learn at least 5 ways to finish and display your small quilts in an “artful” way.


Fabric Dyeing   1 or 2 day class; 6 hrs each day

In this class, we will work with procion mx dyes. Learn how to create cross color gradations and ombré fabric, and we'll do low immersion techniques and some simple shibori. We might even do some ice dyeing.  Warning - fabric dyeing can be addictive! 


Fabric Dyeing with Natural Plant Dyes   4-hour class

You will be amazed at the variety of color you can get from plants foraged in your yard and nearby woodlands. (or maybe even your neighbor's yard). This class is offered in the summer only


Fabric Painting and Rusting on Fabric (for special effects)      6 hr class

Fabric painting is an easy, safe and fun way to design your own fabric. In this class, we paint fabric skies and landscapes, use fabric paints with stamps and stencils, learn some shibori techniques, and make some starbust designs with salt. We will also experiment with “rusting” on fabric for even more interesting patterning. You will go home with plenty of samples and inspiration to make art quilts.


Flower Pounding  3-hour class

This is a fun class when the gardens and meadows are filled with flowers. Learn how to use flowers to create fabric or notecards that look like watercolor flowers. You will be amazed!


Foiling on Fabric   3 hr class

Fabric foil comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Adding a little of it to your art quilt project, small bag or even clothing is sometimes just the right touch. In class you will learn several methods for adding foil to fabric and leave with samples and enough supplies to continue the fun once you get home.


Heliographic Printing   (Sun Printing)    3 hr. class

Use transparent fabric paint and leaves, flowers, feathers, or other flat, interesting objects as “resists” to create beautiful negative images on fabric. It will have you looking at everyday objects in a new light.


Landscape Inspired Abstract   6 hr class

Bring an 8 x 10" picture of a favorite landscape. We will make a small landscape quilt from strips and scraps of fabric. This is a chance to use not only your traditional cotton scraps, but also silks, synthetics, sheers, satins, and fabrics with fun textures.


Make a Memory  6 hr class

In this class will we make a small memory quilt wall hanging, up to 14 x 20 inches. I will teach basic photo to fabric transfer, composition, quilting tips when using photos and memorabilia in an art quilt, and hanging and finishing tips. A memory quilt may be inspired by a place, event or person. It may be a new memory, for example a recent wedding or family trip, or maybe an old memory like cooking with your mom, your parents’ or your child's wedding, etc. To compose your piece, here are some ideas of memorabilia to bring to class: military medals, small pieces of jewelry, buttons, vintage hankies, words and phrases, handwritten notes, and of course photos. In a one day class you should complete composition and at least start quilting.


Making Fabric Beads   3 hr. class

If you are a quilter you have scraps...if you have scraps... MAKE BEADS!  Fat ones, skinny ones, hard ones, soft ones. Embellish them with foil, microbeads, wire, metallic thread, yarn. There is no end to the fun. Use your finished beads as you wish, to create one of a kind jewelry pieces or to embellish art quilts.



Marbling on Fabric    3 or 6 hr class 

In this class, we will use marbling paints on fabric mordanted with alum. Students will learn some traditional patterns and some more organic and free form contemporary ones. The resulting fabric can be stitched and quilted to enhance the patterns, used as a background for an art quilt or pieced into a larger quilt. This process is intuitive, relaxing, and always yields interesting results!

Transferring Images   3 or 6 hr class

Learn several ways to print on fabric, then move on to print on tea bags, coffee filters, Lutradur, and organza. Put away the printer and transfer images with Citra Solv and Transfer Artist Paper (TAP). 

Stamp Making  3 or 6 hr class

Creating your own stamps from found objects or hand carving gives you design flexibility and helps you create unique pieces from “the artist’s hand.”  Stamp them on fabric or on paper with paint, resist, foil and more. Overlap and layer them. This is easy and lots of fun!